Notes From Carol: 

Experimental Journeys

I'm always thinking about what's next, how far can I push my creative envelope.

My photographic journey began many years ago when I saw reflections on a train window in Russia and wondered if I could photograph them. Reflections, which are normally ignored and bothersome to most photographers, fascinate me. And when the reflections are isolated with no reference to a window frame, the merging of inside and outside reality becomes fantasy and takes on a new life and meaning.

Several months ago, I wondered if I could encase my reflection photography, my fantasies, within acrylic (glass) blocks to take my work to another visual level. The result is a series of experimental constructions which involve the viewer as an active part of the art.

Tic Tac Dog

This construction of acrylic (glass) blocks and fragments of two photographs of reflections was inspired by the game Tic Tac Toe. I captured the reflections of two strange dog mannequins in the Palais Royale in Paris. Turning the building blocks merges the parts of the images, creating an infinite variety of visual combinations. So you interactively participate in the creation of this unique mixed media sculpture.

Hawaiian Pond Reflection

A reflection on a  lily pond I saw in Hawaii glistens in 6 acrylic (glass) blocks. As you move, as the light falling on and through the blocks changes, the surface undulates creating the feel of moving water.